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Message from the Director

Welcome to the Office of Financial Aid. Our mission is to provide financial services to help students realize the dream of graduating on time from The University of Texas at Austin.

Each year, we help almost 30,000 UT students secure more than $475 million in financial aid. If you're not one of them, you should be doing whatever's necessary to get the grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study we have to offer. Use this website to:

We can also help you learn how to find additional financial resources, and to reduce the need to borrow by stretching your dollars as far as possible. Make the most of this website to:

We will do our part to devote every resource we have to ensure that finances do not prevent your graduation from UT. You need to do your part, too. Together, we can help you achieve your goal of earning a degree from one of the world's great universities. See you at commencement!

Hook 'Em,
Diane Todd Sprague, Director of Financial Aid