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CASH (Check Aid Status Here) offers secure access to your UT Austin financial aid and scholarship information.

Stay Informed

Through CASH you can see up-to-the-minute information on

  • Your applications for financial aid and scholarships
  • To-do items you must complete
  • Money you’ve been awarded

You can use CASH’s self-service tools to complete tasks like

  • Authorizing others (such as your parents) to access and discuss your financial aid information
  • Canceling or reinstating your awards

Access to CASH

You will be able to view financial aid information through CASH only after

  • You have a UT EID and password
  • We have received at least one aid application from you (your FAFSA, TASFA, or scholarship application, for example)

Most students receive a UT EID soon after they apply for admission. It can take several days or weeks for Financial Aid to receive some kinds of applications. For example, it may be a couple of weeks or more before we receive your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (the FAFSA) after you submit it to the federal government.

Use your UT EID and password to log in to CASH.