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Financial Aid FAQs

Types of Aid

Skip to answer.Q1: How do I apply for scholarships at The University of Texas at Austin?
Skip to answer.Q2: How do I qualify for grants?
Skip to answer.Q3: What is the main difference between a Subsidized and Unsubsidized Direct Loan?
Skip to answer.Q4: How do my parents apply for a PLUS loan?
Skip to answer.Q5: My parents were denied for the PLUS loan. What can I do?

Applying for Aid

Skip to answer.Q1: How do I apply for financial aid?
Skip to answer.Q2: Do I need to fill out the FAFSA every year to apply for financial aid?
Skip to answer.Q3: Why should I submit my FAFSA by the priority deadline?
Skip to answer.Q4: My family hasn't filed our taxes yet and the FAFSA priority deadline is approaching. What should I do?
Skip to answer.Q5: Which parent do I include on the FAFSA if my parents are divorced?
Skip to answer.Q6: Do I have to provide my parent's information on the FAFSA?
Skip to answer.Q7: My parents have questions about being Longhorn parents - who should they contact?

Eligibility for Aid

Skip to answer.Q1: My family makes a lot of money. Will I still qualify for financial aid?
Skip to answer.Q2: What GPA do I need to remain eligible for aid?
Skip to answer.Q3: What happens if my GPA is below the required average?
Skip to answer.Q4: What is the minimum number of hours required to receive financial aid in the summer and fall or spring semesters?
Skip to answer.Q5: I am a degree holder pursuing a second Bachelor's degree, teacher certification, or pre-requisite courses required for graduate school admission. Am I eligible for financial aid?

Processing Aid

Skip to answer.Q1: How can I get my non-UT/private scholarship processed?
Skip to answer.Q2: Why is OFA requesting a tax transcript and other verification forms?
Skip to answer.Q3: I've already submitted my verification documents. How long will the process take to complete?
Skip to answer.Q4: When will I receive my Financial Aid Notification (FAN)?
Skip to answer.Q5: If I plan to make changes to my enrollment, housing, or major, will activating my Financial Aid Notification (FAN) now affect my future aid?

Paying Tuition with Aid

Skip to answer.Q1: How can I pay my tuition bill using financial aid?
Skip to answer.Q2: My financial aid isn't ready yet and my tuition is due. What should I do?
Skip to answer.Q3: How do I know my classes will not be dropped?

Receiving Aid

Skip to answer.Q1: When are funds disbursed?
Skip to answer.Q2: When will my excess financial aid be deposited into my bank account/mailed to me?
Skip to answer.Q3: My excess financial aid was sent to a closed bank account. What should I do?
Skip to answer.Q4: My financial aid check was lost in the mail. What should I do?
Skip to answer.Q5: How can I get my aid reinstated?
Skip to answer.Q6: How can I get financial aid to live off campus?
Skip to answer.Q7: How can I use my financial aid to buy my books?