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Costs To Attend

Cost of Attendance (COA) includes expenses that are determined by the institution (tuition) and expenses that are flexible based on student choices (room/board, books, transportation costs, and personal expenses). These combined tuition and other expenses represent the entire cost of attendance. Individual expenses will vary based on student-specific majors, living arrangements, and personal spending decisions. Estimated costs for 2018-19 are listed below. See the U.S. Department of Education's College Navigator for trends in prior year costs.

Tuition Costs Ranges

Tuition Cost Ranges
Long Session Summer
Residency Tuition & Fees Tuition & Fees
Undergraduate Texas Resident $5,056 - $5,810 $2,740 - $3,148
Non-Texas Resident $17,998 - $20,628 $9,750 - 11,175
Graduate Texas Resident $4,257 - $5,318 $1,564 - $1,953
Non-Texas Resident $8,486 - $9,699 $2,902 - $3,318

Tuition & Fees (Long session) - The average cost of tuition and fees in the fall or spring based on 12 hours per semester enrollment for undergraduate students and 9 hours for graduate students.

Tuition & Fees (Summer) - The average cost of tuition and fees in the summer based on 6 hours of enrollment for undergraduate students and 3 hours for graduate students.

Actual costs will vary depending on the student's degree or certificate program. To learn more about actual tuition and fee rates, see UT Austin Tuition Rates.

Other Costs

Other Costs
Long Session Summer
Housing Room & Board Miscellaneous Expenses Room & Board Miscellaneous Expenses
Undergraduate On- or Off-Campus $5,402 $2,546 $3,600 $1,639
Commuter $1,794 $2,546 $1,196 $1,639
Graduate On- or Off-Campus $6,465 $3,095 $4,310 $1,937
Commuter $2,069 $3,095 $1,380 $1,937

Room & Board - The average cost per semester to live in the city of Austin while attending UT Austin. Actual costs may vary by individual choices related to location and circumstances. The on- and off-campus costs assume a roommate. Room and board costs will not be adjusted based on individual choices unless there are unusual circumstances for which you successfully appeal.

Miscellaneous Expenses include the following:

Books & Supplies - The average cost of books and supplies per semester. Actual costs may vary by enrollment.

Transportation - The transportation allowance is provided each semester to assist students who require transportation to campus from out of town and vice versa, not to maintain a vehicle. University shuttles and the Austin city buses transport students around campus and Austin for free.

Personal Expenses - This allowance includes everything from clothing and laundry to going to a movie or buying a pizza. This estimate is provided for personal planning purposes only; it does not represent a direct cost of attending the University.

Adjustments to Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance is determined annually considering survey and consumer price data. These figures represent the typical expenses incurred by students; however, there may be special circumstances that warrant an evaluation of individual costs. For example, a professor may require the student to purchase special supplies or books for class that are more expensive than the standard budgeted amount. Students may request an evaluation of their specific cost of attendance by completing a special circumstances appeal form.