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Satisfactory Academic Progress FAQ

  • Q1: How do I determine what GPA I need to earn for the semester in order to meet the cumulative GPA requirement?
    • A1: You may access the GPA Calculator on the Office of the Registrar's website to calculate the semester GPA required to meet the cumulative GPA required for financial aid.
  • Q2: How is Pace calculated?
    • A2: Pace is measured by dividing the total number of hours successfully completed by the total number of hours attempted as shown below:
      Pace = Total # of hours successfully completed ÷ Total # of hours attempted
      Hours successfully completed include UT courses with a grade of A through D- for undergraduates and A through C for graduates, or transfer courses, credit by exam courses and pass/fail courses where credit (CR) was received. Hours not successfully completed include incomplete courses, no credit (NC) courses, withdrawn courses (including Q-drops), courses with no posted grade and pass/fail courses that earned a failing grade. Total number of hours attempted is the aggregate of both the successfully and unsuccessfully completed courses.
      Repeated coursework will be included in pace. Remedial and ESL coursework are excluded from pace.
  • Q3: How is program length determined?
    • A3: The length of the program is determined by the department. The student should access the department website in order to obtain this information.
  • Q4: What is an Academic Plan?
    • A4: An academic plan is a multi-semester plan that may require students to successfully complete a certain number of hours per semester, or earn a specific semester GPA so as to meet SAP requirements by a particular point in time. An academic plan is developed when:
      • a student successfully appeals Financial Aid Suspension and it is determined that SAP requirements cannot be/will not be met at the end of one semester; or
      • a student fails to meet SAP at the end of their probationary period and successfully appeals Financial Aid Suspension.
  • Q5: What if I missed the appeal deadline?
    • A5: If you missed the appeal deadline your appeal will be denied.
  • Q6: My appeal was denied, can I appeal again?
    • A6: If you feel that your circumstances were not accurately represented and merit further review, you may submit an appeal to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals Committee (SAPAC). You are required to provide an updated, detailed personal statement and supporting documentation. You do not need to meet with your Academic Advisor unless your academic standing has changed. Your personal statement must be addressed to SAPAC. For more information regarding the appeal process, visit Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities in the General Information Catalog.