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Withdrawing from the University

Official Withdrawals

What the Law Says

If you wish to withdraw from the University after completing registration for a semester or summer session, you must initiate the process through your dean's office. Please be aware that depending on the effective date of your withdrawal, you may be considered to have not earned all or a portion of the financial aid funds you received. Because of this, and per federal law, our office is often required to return funds to financial aid programs. This means that you may be obligated to immediately repay all or a portion of the funds you received.

Determining Repayment

The amount we return depends upon the type of aid you received, the effective date of your withdrawal, and the institutional expenses you incurred. If you already received these funds and it is determined that you are required to repay all or a portion of the funds you received, you will be required to reimburse our office before we can approve the withdrawal.

If the amount disbursed to you was less than the amount you earned, you may be eligible to receive a post-withdrawal disbursement of the earned aid that was not received. Our office will notify you if you are eligible for a post-withdrawal disbursement.

Withdrawn courses will be considered unsuccessfully completed and affect your pace toward degree completion. Please review our Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for more information.

Unofficial Withdrawals

What the Law Says

Federal financial aid regulations state that a student who earns unsatisfactory grades (i.e. F's, X's and Q's) in all courses for a semester must be considered an unofficial withdrawal, unless the institution can document that the student engaged in some academic activity beyond the 60% point of that semester. Federal student aid recipients who have no grades other than these three will be reviewed for a possible unofficial withdrawal. Official UT Austin records and sources will be reviewed to assist in this determination. Students may also be asked to provide documentation if official records are unsatisfactory or ambiguous.

Determining Repayment

If you are determined to be an unofficial withdrawal, the Office of Financial Aid is required to perform a federally mandated repayment calculation to ascertain the amount of federal financial aid "unearned." The amount of unearned aid depends on your effective date of withdrawal, and if no academic activity can be documented, all federal aid must be returned. If the last date of academic activity cannot be documented as occurring on or after the 60% point of semester, the withdrawal date will be considered the mid-point of the semester unless documented otherwise.

Any student for whom a repayment calculation results in a required return of federal funds will be responsible for repaying those funds prior to receiving additional federal financial aid at UT Austin or any other institution. A financial aid bar for the amount owed will be placed on your records until the amount is fully repaid to UT Austin. This will prevent you from re-enrolling at the University.