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How Aid is Calculated

The University of Texas at Austin uses the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) calculated through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine an appropriate aid offer for your education costs of attending the university.

Taking into account a student's financial need and the limitations on the aid programs available, UT Austin awards eligible students with a combination of grants, work-study, and loans. Actual awarded aid depends on eligibility, priority, and availability. Some students may qualify for all three, and others may only qualify for loans.

If a student receives private scholarships or funding from another source, their financial need will decrease, and their other awards may be adjusted. To preserve grant funding, we try to adjust loans first, then work-study. You are required by federal law to report scholarships and other sources of funding, as well as changes in enrollment, as these may affect your aid eligibility.

Minimum hours required for financial aid eligibility

The awards on your Financial Aid Notification (FAN) are based on a specific enrollment. Changes in enrollment could affect eligibility for certain types of financial aid.

FALL or SPRING Undergraduate Graduate Law
Number of Hours on which Financial Aid Packages are Based 12 Hours 9 Hours 9 Hours
Minimum Hours to Receive Financial Aid 6 Hours 5 Hours 5 Hours
SUMMER Undergraduate Graduate Law
Minimum Hours to Receive Financial Aid 6 hours 2 hours 3 hours

Your FAN will include instructions for reporting your hours. If you have already activated your FAN, you can update your hours of enrollment on your FAN by logging on to CASH.

If your enrollment status is less than the number of hours on which financial aid packages are based, or if you are a summer student who will be enrolled in only one summer session, include this information in your FAN.

If your enrollment hours are more than the number of hours on which financial aid packages are based, you do not need to update your FAN.