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Exemptions & Waivers

An exemption or a waiver is a 3rd party payment of all or part of a student's tuition and fee bill (i.e. not through normal financial aid programs or scholarships). Examples include ROTC exemptions, valedictorian exemptions, and out-of-state tuition waivers.

Effect on Financial Aid

Student Accounts Receivable notifies our office of all tuition exemptions and waivers. These awards are resources (like any other forms financial aid), so they must be taken into account when awarding financial aid. We may have to adjust your other awards due to waivers or exemptions, so it is important to notify our office as soon as possible if you know you will be receiving one.

Non-Resident Tuition Exemptions (NRTE)

A non-resident student who holds a competitive university academic scholarship (of at least $1,000 for the academic year or summer for which the student is enrolled), may be eligible to pay the fees and charges required of Texas residents without regard to the length of time the student has resided in Texas. The student must have competed with other students, including Texas residents, for the scholarship, and the scholarship must be awarded by a scholarship committee officially recognized by the administration and be approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board under criteria developed by the board.

Students may receive this waiver at the discretion of the university and in compliance with the limit on the number of waivers allowed by the State of Texas. See Financial Aid-Administered Scholarships for additional information.

Where to Get More Information

All exemptions and waivers are processed through Special Billing in Student Accounts Receivable. More information can be found on their website, under Tuition Adjustments. Additional information on state tuition and exemption waivers can be found at College For All Texans.