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Teaching Assistantships & Fellowships
Ask Finaid!
Teaching Assistantships & Fellowships are a source of aid that can affect the amount of financial aid that is received from the Office of Student Financial Services. In some cases, the effect will be a dollar for dollar adjustment. The Financial Aid Notification (FAN) is the appropriate place to report Teaching Assistantships and Fellowships, although you may send our office a notification of your assistantship or fellowship at any time. Keep in mind that reporting your Teaching Assistantship or Fellowships as soon as you know about it will help prevent delays in the release of your financial aid.
What is a Teaching Assistantship? What is a Fellowship? How do I get one?
Teaching Assistants are graduate students who assist faculty members in teaching undergraduate classes.
Fellowships are awarded to both new and continuing graduate students. Students are nominated by their graduate advisers for fellowships administered by the Graduate School. Generally, fellowships require no service for the recipient. Some fellowships provide for payment of tuition and required fees in addition to the stipend.
Additional information on graduate student employment is provided by the Office of Graduate Studies.
How do they affect financial aid?
Depending on how your Teaching Assistantship is paid to you, it may affect your total eligibility for aid. Typically, if you are paid through the University Payroll office, there will be no reduction to your financial aid. However, you will have to report your earnings when you renew your FAFSA. Adjustments to financial aid are usually necessary for students who are not paid through University Payroll.
A fellowship, much like a scholarship, affects your total eligibility for aid.
At the start of the financial aid awarding process, your total cost of attendance is determined. Next, our office subtracts any fellowships/scholarships/teaching assistantships/additional resources from the total cost of attendance. The remaining balance represents your total eligibility for financial aid. You cannot receive financial aid funding over this remaining balance.
It is possible for graduate students to receive a Teaching Assistantship or Fellowship after financial aid funds have been accepted and/or released. If this happens, financial aid will be re-evaluated and possibly adjusted, even if you have already accepted/received your funding for the semester.
Notification of Aid Revision
Whenever aid is revised, a notification will be sent by email or a revised FAN. On the revised FAN, the Teaching Assistantship or Fellowship will be listed under "additional resources." In the event that you do receive a revised FAN, you will have to re-confirm your award choices and submit the notification.