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Receiving Your Private Scholarships

Private Scholarship Funds

The majority of private donor scholarships are disbursed through the Office of Financial Aid (OFA). In most cases, scholarship donors will send checks directly to OFA for processing, but not always.

Check Payable to You?
If a donor sends a scholarship check to you instead and it is payable to you only, you must report it to our office immediately. If you receive financial aid, please see Effect on Financial Aid for information on how scholarships may impact your financial aid awards.

Check Payable to UT or Co-Payable to UT & You?
If a donor sends a scholarship check to you and it is payable to UT Austin or it is co-payable to you AND UT Austin, you should:

  • Endorse it
  • Add your UT EID to the face of the check
  • Forward it immediately either in person or by mail to the Office of Financial Aid, Attention: General Accounting

Once classes begin and you are registered for the required number of hours, the scholarship funds will be disbursed to you either by paper check or, if you have already designated a bank with Student Accounts Receivable, by direct deposit.

Enrollment Verification

Some private donors may want to verify your enrollment at UT Austin before releasing any funds. For unofficial proof of enrollment, you may print your fee bill straight from My Tuition Bill in UT Direct. For official enrollment verification, contact the Certification section of the Office of the Registrar.