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Receiving Your UT Scholarships

FA-Administered Scholarship Funds

If you are awarded a scholarship by or through the Office of Financial Aid, CASH (Check Aid Status Here) will tell you of any current UT requirements that you need to complete before your funds can be released.

Most scholarship awards are processed as follows:
Provided that all requirements have been met, the Office of Financial Aid can begin disbursing funds to you a few days before classes start. At that time, your scholarship and any loan or grant funds will be used to pay off anything you currently owe to the University, such as tuition and fees or housing expenses. If any funds remain after your university debts are paid, the Office of Financial Aid releases the funds to you.

If you are set up to receive the funds by direct deposit into your bank account, an ACH transaction will be initiated to send the funds there. Otherwise, you will receive a check in the mail. If your ACH transaction is sent to an account that has been closed, or is no longer valid, you should contact the Student Accounting Office at (512) 471-3723 for assistance.

College & Departmental Scholarship Funds

If you are awarded a scholarship by your college or academic department, that college or department will handle the posting of the scholarship while the Scholarship and Fellowship Services office in the Office of Accounting will oversee the disbursement of the funds. All questions regarding these types of scholarships should be directed to your college/department administration and the Office of Accounting.

If you have been awarded a college or departmental scholarship and will be receiving financial aid through the University, please notify your financial aid counselor (in the Office of Financial Aid) of your award.