FERPA Release for Financial Aid Information

Parents or guardians who want information about their student’s financial aid will need their student to first complete and submit a release form to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. Your student can complete the FERPA Release Authorization form online on his or her Check Aid Status Here (CASH) page. This release only allows Texas One Stop and Financial Aid staff to discuss your student’s financial aid with you. It does not allow you access to the student’s CASH page. Also, this release does not give you access to other FERPA-protected information such as grades or class schedules.

The student must provide a password on the release form that will authorize you to access his or her financial aid information. Please ask your student to share this password with you. You must provide the correct password to Texas One Stop to be able to discuss your student’s financial aid information.

If your student would like your assistance with the financial aid process, it is important that he or she complete one form per parent/guardian as soon as possible to grant you that access. Encourage your student to log in to his or her CASH page, find the “FERPA Release” section, and select the “Create a FERPA Release Authorization” link to complete the form (see below).

FERPA Release

If you have questions about financial aid at UT, contact us at (512) 232-6988 or onestop@utexas.edu, or visit the Scholarships and Financial Aid page on the Texas One Stop website.

For more information about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), visit our Privacy page.