Receiving Aid

After you have accepted your financial aid offer, it’s time to use your awarded funds to help pay for your education.

Release of Financial Aid

Financial aid funds will be released on a rolling basis around the first day of class each semester.

Make sure your financial aid releases on time by keeping your enrollment information up-to-date and taking care of outstanding requirements on CASH.

Once your funds are released, financial aid will automatically be applied to your UT Austin debts, such as tuition and housing.

To use financial aid to pay your tuition, on My Tuition Bill click View Bill and, if your financial aid fully covers your tuition and fees, click Pay with Financial Aid. The Pay with Financial Aid button will not be available if your financial aid does not cover all of your tuition and fees.

Because financial aid funds are not released until after the tuition deadline, your tuition bill will state a balance due until the funds are released.

If your financial aid does not fully cover your bill, the amount due will be reduced accordingly and you will need to pay the balance due by the tuition bill deadline.

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College & Departmental Scholarship Funds: If you are awarded a scholarship by your college or academic department, that college or department will handle the posting of the scholarship while the Scholarship and Fellowship Services office in the Office of Accounting will oversee the disbursement of the funds. All questions regarding these types of scholarships should be directed to your college/department administration and the Office of Accounting.

Outside Scholarships: The majority of private donor scholarships are handled by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. In most cases, scholarship donors will send checks directly to us for processing, but not always.

If a donor sends a scholarship check to you instead, and it is payable to you only, you must report it to our office immediately.

If a donor sends a scholarship check to you and it is payable to UT Austin or it is co-payable to you AND UT Austin, you should:

  • Endorse it
  • Add your UT EID to the face of the check
  • Forward it immediately either in person or by mail to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, Attention: General Accounting

Once classes begin and you are registered for the required number of hours, the scholarship funds will be sent to you either by paper check or, if you have already designated a bank with Student Accounts Receivable, by direct deposit.

Some private donors may want to verify your enrollment at UT Austin before releasing any funds. For unofficial proof of enrollment, you may print your fee bill straight from My Tuition Bill in UT Direct. For official enrollment verification, contact the Certification section of the Office of the Registrar.

After your UT Austin debts are paid, any excess financial aid will be refunded to you to help pay for books, transportation and other miscellaneous costs.

If you signed up for direct deposit, your refund will appear in your bank account in 2 to 3 business days.* If you did not sign up for direct deposit, a paper check will be sent to the address we have on file in 5 business days.

If excess financial aid funds are sent to an account that has been closed or is no longer valid, contact Payment Information at (512) 471-1083 for assistance. This is also the number to call if you believe your financial aid check has been lost in the mail.

*In rare cases, financial aid funds are handled differently than above. If you choose an alternative loan lender that does not participate in UT Austin’s electronic processes, a paper check will be mailed to the University. These checks will be made available for you to pick up at the Cashier’s Office.

UT Austin encourages students to experience different parts of the world through study abroad programs. Our office works closely with the International Office to coordinate the financial aspect of studying abroad. Financial aid can be used to help pay for your study abroad programs, but only if you participate in a university-affiliated study abroad program.

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Students who are eligible for a Pell grant and going abroad can apply for a Gilman Scholarship. The application is now open and due October 1 for Spring 2020, Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 study abroad programs.

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience! The Gilman Scholarship Program provides up to up to $5,000 (or $8,000 including the Critical Need Language Award) for undergraduate students who are U.S. citizens and Federal Pell Grant recipients at two-year or four-year institutions.

Apply at

To be eligible to receive financial aid during summer sessions, you’ll need to have completed both the 2018-19 and 2019-20 FAFSAs and be registered for the minimum number of hours required:

  • Undergraduate: 6 hours
  • Graduate: 3 hours
  • Law: 3 hours

Please note that most summer aid packages include loans, not grants or scholarships. Loan amounts are based on your remaining aid eligibility from the preceding spring and fall semesters. If you received your full allotment of federal loans during the fall and spring semesters, we will not be able to offer you any additional loan funding for the summer. If you are completing your degree in either the summer or the fall semesters and have exhausted your annual loan limit, you may be eligible for a prorated loan award, but you’ll need to complete the Certification of Early Graduation form for the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid to review.

Proof of Identity

Before financial aid can be released, you must have an upgraded UT EID. To upgrade your EID, visit the ID Center in the Flawn Academic Center to sign the Electronic Agreement Form. You will need to present a valid, current government-issued ID. New and transfer students will have the opportunity to upgrade their EID during Orientation.

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