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Summer 2016 Financial Aid FAQ

  • Q1: When will I be notified of summer financial aid?
    • A: Financial aid offers for summer will start being sent in early May. They are contingent on a student being registered for summer courses at UT Austin as well as completing the 2015-16 and upcoming 2016-17 FAFSAs.
  • Q2: What aid is available in summer?
    • A: Grants should not be expected during the summer.
    • Loans are the principal aid offered. The loans offered in summer are your remaining eligibility from the prior fall and spring. If your full annual allotment of Direct Federal Subsidized/Unsubsidized loans were borrowed during the previous fall and spring, no loans will be offered during the summer.
  • Q3: How many hours do I have to take during the summer?
    • A: Undergraduates must take a minimum of 6 hours.
    • Graduates must take a minimum of 2 hours. (Option III students must verify with their program office.)
    • Law students must take a minimum of 3 hours.
    • The Financial Aid Notification (FAN) will state the number of hours and sessions on which the aid offer is based. If the session or hours you are enrolled in differs from the information in the FAN, those differences must be reported so your aid can be reviewed and adjusted, if necessary. However, if you are taking fewer hours than what is mandated by federal law your aid will be cancelled.
    • See "What are common reasons aid does not pay as scheduled?" below for more information.
  • Q4: Can I enroll in all courses in either the first or second summer session?
    • A: Yes, you may enroll all courses in either session or both. If your enrollment changes, your aid will be adjusted to account for that change in enrollment. Financial aid cannot be offered to cover expenses for time you are not enrolled in courses
  • Q5: When will financial aid be paid for summer?
    • A: This is dependent on the terms or sessions in which you are enrolled. For first session, nine week, whole session courses, aid is scheduled to pay in early June. For second session courses only, aid is scheduled to pay in mid-July.
    • Scheduled payments are contingent on all CASH requirements being complete as well as being registered in the hours and sessions reported to the Office of Financial Aid.
    • If requirements are being completed at the time aid is scheduled to pay, a delay of 5-10 business days should be expected.
    • See "What are common reasons aid does not pay as scheduled?" below for more information.
  • Q6: What if I cannot afford UT Austin during the summer or cannot sign up for the required minimum credit hours?
    • A: If either is the case, you may consider attending community college as a money-saving alternative while still earning credit towards your degree. Financial aid is generally unavailable for students enrolling at a community college for only summer, but tuition is significantly less. If attending community college, be sure to discuss transferring credits with your UT College. Students also have the option to work during the summer - gaining job experience, building a resume, and of course allowing you to earn and save money.
  • Q7: What are common reasons aid does not pay as scheduled?
    • A:
      • You may have outstanding CASH requirements.
      • Your FAFSAs are not complete for both the 2015-16 and 2016-17 academic years.
      • You are registered for credit hours or sessions that do not match those reported on the FAN.
      • If you have requirements (including registration) that are being completed at the time aid is scheduled to pay, a delay of 5-10 business days is expected.
      • If you are enrolled in a special program (such as study abroad or PharmD), a high level of award customization is required.