Off-Campus Employers

Getting Organized

With planning and organization, an employer’s Work-Study paperwork process can be streamlined and simplified. To assist employers, the Work-Study Office offers the following helpful hints:

Before hiring  Work-Study students, employers are encouraged to:

  1. Discuss the hiring of Work-Study students with their agency’s human resources office.
    •  Determine what agency documents the Work-Study students will be required to complete.
    • Request to expedite the hiring process, since Work-Study students need to begin earning their award as soon as possible (see Important Dates).
  2. Identify the person responsible for processing  billing statements for all Work-Study students.
  3. Discuss the completion and routing of Work-Study paperwork within the agency. (The Off-Campus Work-Study Sign-Up Sheet should be completed and uploaded to
  4. Determine how best to collect the Work-Study student’s paystub and Paycheck Receipt Form for each pay period.
  5. Ask for the Work-Study Verification, which is available through the student’s CASH page, and remember to communicate realistic job expectations and work schedule requirements to the student.

After hiring a Work-Study student:

  1. Complete the Off-Campus Work-Study Timesheet and send the original to the Work-Study Office immediately. The Billing Statement preparer should get a photocopy and complete the following:
    • List all Work-Study students alphabetically on the Billing Statement. Keep the students’ Work-Study Timesheet, paystub, and Paycheck Receipt Form for each pay period in the same order as the names on the Billing Statement.
    • Keep a binder with the completed Billing Statements and the copies of the Off-Campus Sign-Up Sheets for all Work-Study students in alphabetical order.
  2. Immediately following each payroll, the Billing Statement preparer should complete the Billing Statement and begin collecting the documents required for reimbursement.
    • An original Work-Study Timesheet, photocopy of the paystub, and Paycheck Receipt Form must be provided for each Work-Study student listed on the Billing Statement, except for those whose paychecks are direct deposited and pay stubs confirm the direct deposit.
    • Because Work-Study students must be paid at least once per month, the Work-Study Office expects to receive a Billing Statement  at least once per month.
  3. The Billing Statement preparer should use the Work-Study Balance Sheet to track the student’s remaining Work-Study award. This prevents having to make corrections on the Billing Statement, which cause delays in reimbursement.

NOTE: Work-Study programs at UT include Federal Work-Study, State Work-Study, and Institutional Work-Study.