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Fall 2016 Financial Aid Update

Financial Aid Disbursement

Financial aid funds release as they become available. Sources release at different times, and not all students will receive funds at the same time.

Please check CASH and your email for outstanding requirements. If you have requirements to complete, funds will NOT release. If all requirements are met, you should expect funds to release before classes start and do not need to contact our office.

University debts (tuition and housing) will be paid first. Remaining funds will take about three business days to be sent via direct deposit; longer for a physical check.


Did you register for Fall 2016 during Orientation? Your tuition bill is due August 10th! Have you paid it yet?

Learn how! Paying Your Tuition Bill with Financial Aid (Video)


Do you know about UT's eProxy system? Learn how to become a proxy for someone or how to authorize someone to be yours!

Here's how! eProxy Central


We are currently processing loans for Fall 2016-Spring 2017.

Although you may have already completed the requirements related to your loans, during this process, you may continue to see the requirements on CASH. This is normal. The requirements will drop off once your loans are processed.

You do not need to contact our office at this time. Please continue to monitor CASH for other requirements or necessary actions.