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Work-Study Jobs (HB 2504)

What is Work-Study?

Work-Study is a government-subsidized student employment program designed to assist students in financing their post-secondary education. Programs include Federal Work-Study and Texas College Work-Study. Work-Study is different from other types of part-time jobs because your employer only has to pay 30% of your wages - the remaining 70% is paid by the Work-Study program.

To be eligible for Work-Study, you must demonstrate financial need every year by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Be sure to complete the FAFSA by UT Austin's priority deadline of March 15 each year, and to request Work-Study on the application.

What kinds of jobs are available?

Off-Campus (Community Service) jobs with non-profit employers may include positions in public television, museums, childcare centers, health care clinics, and tutoring programs. Please see Community Service Work-Study for more information.

Many on-campus Work-Study jobs are clerical, but there are also many jobs in lab research, social science research, photography and curatorship, child care, library services, and housing and food services. Students can search for these and other available Work-Study jobs on the Hire a Longhorn Job Bank after they have completed their FAN (Financial Aid Notification) and accepted their Work-Study award.

In compliance with HB 2504 of the 81st Texas Legislature, we are providing a list of the on-campus Work-Study jobs posted for Spring 2017 through Fall 2017. This includes Spring, Summer and Fall semesters. We hope you will use this comprehensive list to learn about all the on-campus Work-Study job opportunities that are typically available to qualified students.

    »Work-Study Job Listings (XLS)

NOTE: Work-Study jobs are posted, and therefore available on the Hire a Longhorn Job Bank, during these periods:

Semester Dates
Summer May 1 - July 1
Fall May 1 - October 1
Spring December 1 - March 1

Also, jobs change on a daily basis. For these reasons, we encourage students to log in to the Hire a Longhorn Job Bank frequently to see the list of currently posted Work-Study jobs.