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Off-Campus Employers

Hiring and Managing Work-Study Students

Recruiting a Work-Study Student

The Office of Financial Aid helps approved employers recruit Work-Study students by hosting an annual Work-Study Job Fair and by offering access to the Hire a Longhorn Job Bank. The Job Fair is held at the beginning of the fall semester, and provides an excellent opportunity for employers to actively meet and recruit Work-Study students.

Employers are encouraged to use the Hire a Longhorn Job Bank to post and advertise their jobs. Before posting a job, determine an adequate payrate and job title. Visit the HRS website for current information. Once an employer has posted their job, and a student has searched and found that job on Hire a Longhorn, it’s time to meet and interview.

Before beginning the interview, it is imperative that the employer ask to see the Work-Study Verification (WSV) to verify that the student has been awarded Work-Study for the current academic year. The student should bring a copy of the WSV to the interview.

The employer has the final say in whether a student is hired. If the student is hired, the employer should close the job on the Hire a Longhorn Job Bank right away. If an applicant is not hired, the employer should refer the student back to the job bank to look for placement elsewhere. The paperwork remains with the student to take to future interviews.

«TIP» Employers must hire their Work-Study students before the posted last day to hire a Work-Study student in order to secure funding for the position.

After Hiring a Work-Study Student

When an employer hires a Work-Study student, an Off-Campus Sign-Up Sheet/Job Description Form must be completed and forwarded immediately to the Work-Study Office. It is the employer’s responsibility to download and complete this form from the Off-Campus Employer Forms and Sample Forms page. The employer should make a copy of the form for their records before forwarding the original to the Work-Study Office. No photocopies will be accepted. The Off-Campus Sign-Up Sheet/Job Description Form is all that is required for notification that a student is hired.

Students may only work within the dates of the award period so be sure students do not start working before the award period begins! The Work-Study Office will not reimburse agencies for time worked prior to or after the award period. See the Award Period section of Work Study Policies.

Termination Policy

Anytime, and for any reason, employment ends, a termination is required.

  • End of assignment
  • Resignation
  • Involuntary termination due to unsatisfactory performance

In cases when unsatisfactory performance is an issue, the Office of Financial Aid will advise the employer to complete the 

Separation Form, which serves as a record of the student’s INVOLUNTARY TERMINATION, and forward it to the Office of Financial Aid. In all cases, employee difficulties are to be handled following HRS policy. If serious misconduct is the reason for dismissal, the student will be barred from receiving Work-Study awards in the future.

«TIP» Give Work-Study students a written list of duties and responsibilities upon hiring to avoid a possible miscommunication of expectations.